just want to be making things all the time.. huge drawings… zines… taking photos of other people.. collaborating.. putting on shows.. I WANT TO DO STUFF AND I WANT TO BE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DO THE SAME

Forever drawing moon-like things.

Doodled a page of strawberries in my new sketchbook!


I think the first sentences I learned in Spanish were things like “The chair is red” or “I like the cat” but nooooo, Latin is like “HE OPPRESSES ME WITH CRUEL CHAINS” and I’m like woah this is chapter two calm down Wheelock.




talk street magic to me

drawing power from the metro lines

illusionists busking illegally, shimmering lights disintegrating as they run

plant mages tending tiny rooftop and windowbox gardens

elementary kids learning basic sigils on the playground



Hi, guys!

To celebrate all my new followers I’m having a zine give away this week!

So if you want a copy of my medieval tropes zine all you have to do is to follow this blog and reblog this post! I’ll be giving away 5 copies of this zine, so there will be 5 winners on this.

The result will be announced next friday, august 15h.

Have fun!

“You don’t need to be
someone else’s universe
to be able to see
that you are a galaxy.

You don’t need to be
someone else’s light
to be able to appreciate
the way you shine.” — m.v., For every girl that ever felt she wasn’t enough.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)




6 selfies 2k14 im unstoppable honestly

you’re a fucking princess <3 _ <3

if that is true where the HELL are my dragons AND: do i have to pay taxes if im stuck in a castle tower

You look so amazing!

This inspires me to stop being self conscious about my chest.

The last thing I do to finish an art journal is to do something to the cover. I tried painting something on this one but didn’t really like it so I covered it with a piece of the drop paper from my desk. I love the colors on it and that it is representative of the work that is inside. Looking at it makes me happy!